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 How to Role Play at Fandom Heaven

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PostSubject: How to Role Play at Fandom Heaven   Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:41 pm

Here at Fandom Heaven we cover a lot of different fandoms. In order to make things as easy as possible, we have several rules of how to Role Play here. I will cover these here.

Minimum Word Count

Our minimum word count here is 50 words, however if a role player wants to install a bigger word count, they must put it in the title of the thread. Example: My awesome role play (200 words +)

Please be respectful of others wishes when you jump into a thread. Some people do wish to have a higher word count, while some preffer a lower word count.

Closed/Open/Invitation only

Some people may have a certain story line they wish to role play out with other members. In this instance, the topic title would have the word closed in it.

invitation only means the thread is closed, but you may ask the thread started if you can join.

Open means it is available for all members to jump into.

Example: My awesome role play (200 words+) *OPEN*

Thread titles must include this. If they do not, they will be locked and moved to finished role plays and the thread started must mail an admin to get it moved back to active role plays.

Finished Role Plays

Any role plays that are finished must finish with a comment stating as such. If 3 weeks go without a reply, the topic will be assumed to be finished and will be moved to finished role plays.

Sensitive Topics

We ask all members to have common sense in the topics they choose to Role Play here. Any topics of a sensitive nature that cause bad feeling with other members will be deleted. We understand that in some cases, abuse or other topics will have an influence on characters, therefor this may be hinted at in posts, but please do not give into excessive detail.

Topics that are not allowed to be role played here:

- Sexual acts
- Drug abuse
- Excessive Alcohol abuse
- Any topic that is illegal in the real world.
- No racism including comments about someones sex, race, religion etc.

User names

Your username is to be an Alias with which you wish to be known as globally on the site. You may have 1 character for each role play, after being approved for the role play by an admin. We accept Canon characters, lists of available characters are provided in the character sign up forum.

Character names with a link to their sign up post must be included in your signature, including what fandom they are.


Tyrion Lanninster -Link- Game of Thrones
Katie Bell -link- Harry Potter
Aragon -link- Lord Of The rings

Once you have been an active member here for 2 weeks, you may create additional characters on a secondary username. Any more then 2 usernames will need approval by an admin.
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How to Role Play at Fandom Heaven
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